First blog post

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Hello Everyone

I know it’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve post but a lot has gone on in that time. My first semester was thought but it was okay. My second semester was terrible, I ended up failing all my classes. My third semester I passed all but one class. I also started a growing YouTube channel called Tech of The Blind which is still growing. I also still love my eSight 3. I also finished writing my first novel at the end of 2019.

It’s Been a while

So as most of you know I am legally blind. In June I got to try the technology known as esight. Esight is a set of glasses that help the blind see. I also just got a pair for $10,000 dollars. I can see 20/20! When I were the electronic glasses. I also start college on August 23rd. I am also about to start teaching someone Braille.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Graduating and Other News

Well I am graduating in a week from the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind after twelve years of going to this school. I have learned a lot throughout the years. I will be uploading a story to Whattpad.

I have also been growing in my faith a lot as well.Updates to come.

A Lot To Talk About

Sorry I am late on this blog. A few weeks ago I went to Young Life camp. At young life camp you learn about God. It was also my final time going as a senior in high school. I also met some new people. To keep you up to date I applied for college two weeks ago and I got my acceptance last week. I am going to Attend Palm Beach State College.

Last week I learned about some new technology for the blind on the iPhone. There is an app I am learning about called Blind Square. It is an app that helps a blind person travel. It works along with Apple Maps and Google Maps. It talks to you and tells you what is around you and tells you where you are and what direction the place is in. I also learned also learned about an app called Be Specular. Be Specular is an app in which you take or send a photo and ask a question; then you will get feed back by voice or text.

I was also looking at an app that I already had when it first came out it is called Seeing AI. When the app first came out it could only read text and documents and tell if a person is there. Now it has greatly improved it can identify color, currency, lighting and the scene around you. It can also read barcodes so it can identify products.

The North East Florida Regional Braille Challenge

I hope everyone is doing well. I want to let you guys know that I participated in the braille challenge but I didn’t place with is okay with me because it wasn’t apart of Gods plan. If you’re not familiar with what the braille challenge is; its a competition between students from all over the nation.

The competition is put on by the National Braille institute in California. Each state has its own competition and different regions with in each state have one. There are different age levels of competition. The levels go from apprentice to Varsity which is from 10th grade to 12th grade. The competitions run from January until March. Once the competition competition concludes the top ten from each state for each category are chosen to compete in California. I was in Varsity the competition gets intense sometimes because everyone wants to win.

I also want to tell you guys that I will be attending the high school young life camp this weekend. It means that I will be in Gods word a lot this weekend. I do want to mention that I will be talking about some of the different movies and TV shows I like upon request from a follower. I will also be discussing social media and movie streaming service accessibility on apple devices. I hope everyone has a blessed week.

Coming Up Soon

Hello everyone. I am competing in the North East Florida regional braille challenge. I will be in the varsity category. Then next weekend I will not be on the internet what so ever for a christian even. I want to tell everyone that all my time in high school my grades haven’t been the greatest but I got them up so fat in my senior year. I have a lot on my mind as my high school career comes to a close. I don’t know what to write about anymore so once again I want ideas that would gain more viewers because for now I am sticking to an update style until I can get my flow of creativity again.

I do want to say though that I hope everyone has a blessed work week. If you are sick I pray that you feel better. If you are looking for a job I pray that you find a good one soon or anything else that may be going on I pray that it gets resolved in the way God wants it to. Just listen to him and don’t fight him. As my favorite verse goes from 2 Corinthians 5:7- We walk by faith not by sight. I do have a few ideas for my next blog let me know what you guys think, finding the best way to get your writing out there,accessability in everyday life and blindness in real life.

My Experience as a High School Senior so far and a writer

In my experience, throughout my high school years i have learned a lot of different things. In the way of academics I have been the person to not study or to not do homework. I had to learn that the hard way. it really does affect your grades and when you apply for colleges. 98% of the things that colleges look at are grades ad the activities you have done outside of school. Make sure you get what you need done in a timely manner so I can get in to the college of your choice.

I actually go to a school for the blind. I also learn a lot of independent living skills as well. If anyone knows someone who needs to read this feel free to share. I have to physically learn how to clean stuff because I can’t see that well. I have to learn to do things without my sight and using my other senses.

If you like writing this part is for you. I got into writing when I was in elementary school but I really got into at the start of high school. I had to learn a lot of patients for my ideas to come to fruition. I had to fight through tons of hours of writers block and self doubt. I also had a lot of school work to do because that comes first, so I write when ever I can. I also have to recommend that people try using gram marly to correct grammar. I also think you should check out the Purdue Owl writing lab. It has information on different types of writing. All of these sites are accessible for the blind because i have used all of them myself. If you have any questions you can contact me at my personal email you can contact me about blindness faith or writing.

So Its a New Year

Hello everyone. I talked to you guys right before Christmas. I also told you guys that I will be running my blog on my mac. I may type it in pages and post it when I have internet. I still need ideas for things to talk about this year. I did decide that I will be doing one at the beginning of every week and at the end of the month I will do a much longer blog post. I plan on doing stuff about blindness and God. I also want to do informative post as well so that you guys can learn more about me the person running the blog.

i do have to say though that running my blog off of the computer is a lot easier then running it on my phone. I got my computer a few days ago its a 2010 MacBook air and its in perfect condition. The reason its easier because as some of you know I am legally blind. I use voiceover on it and I zoom in so I can see what H am doing. I will also do tech things on youtube coming up and I will post them on my blog so you guys can go to the link and check it out. I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year. I wish the best to all of you in 2018.

So much to catch up on

Merry Christmas Everyone. This is a time of joy for the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a time to relax with your family.

What I also want to add is that I have done a lot of different things recently like I got a new white cane with a new tip that I love. I am also getting a mac and I will be running my blog off of it. I also Olán on posting a recap of the year on New Years Eve so be on the lookout for that. Once again Merry Christmas to all.